Wednesday, June 20, 2007

On Bad Post Titles

Sometimes you start writing an entry intending to cover a subject a certain way but by the time you're done you've sort of switched gears but you already wrote the title and you forget to go back and fix it.

Rothman pointed today to my post from the other day "Building Effective Metrics." He rightly pointed out that the piece isn't really about metrics. I think he's slightly off the mark though on his statement that I was writing mostly about risk management.

I think the point I was making was about culture change and secondarily about risk management. The old story/analogy about a frog in boiling water is at least slightly appropriate. Though when I went to look up the story I found out more than I wanted to on the Wikipedia article for "boiling frog."

If you want to achieve success in implementing new parts of a security program, you've got to start with the sustainable processes and make them routine before you can get an organization to actually make progress on reducing risk. Thats a really short synopsis....

The piece could probably have been better titled, so I guess I'll just try to do better next time.

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