Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quick Thoughts on Safari-4 Final

A few quick thoughts on Safari-4 on my Macbook.

  1. Wow is this thing ridiculously fast. I'm usually a Firefox user and I'm not bogged down with a bunch of extensions/add-ons. Safari-4 feels about 2-3 times faster for 2 major apps - Gmail, and Google Reader.
  2. I still don't like the EV-Certificate support. I wish I had access to Apple's user testing of the EV-certificate user interface to see about the security usability factors. I don't find it nearly as obvious or useful as the interfaces in IE7, IE8, or Firefox-3. I don't know Chrome that well though, so who knows whether I like it better than than.
  3. The user interface seems a lot cleaner than the beta releases. Additionally, the hidden close x-marks on tabs that don't reveal until you highlight a tab is a nice feature.
  4. First impressions of the web-inspector is a lot like the little bit of Chrome I've played with - pretty sure this is a webkit feature. Very positively impressed so far.
So, other than a relatively dismal security track record, I may stick with Safari-4 for a few "trusted" sites just to get some better impressions.

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