Monday, October 20, 2008

Frustration with PGP-9.6 and networking

So, I recently upgraded from PGp-8.1 to PGp-9.6 and I thought I'd share a bit of the frustration.

I was running what I believe to be a fairly standard configuration.
  • Corporate desktop image
  • Outlook 2003
  • Symantec AV
  • PGP-8.1
I decided to upgrade my Outlook to 2007. Turns out that PGP-8.1 isn't compatible with Outlook 2003, so I needed upgrade.
  1. Install PGP-9.6
  2. reboot twice per instructions
  3. Find that my networking completely doesn't work.
Turns out that in order to get PGP-9.6 working with things like Symantec's AV that hook the network stack you need to back out PGP's POP/IMAP network stack hooking.
  1. regsvr32 /u PGPfsshl.dll
  2. Run a Registry merge on c:\WINDOWS\system32\PGPlspRollback.reg
  3. Reboot
Then of course, if you should happen to upgrade PGP to 9.9 because the update is out, you get to repeat all of those last few steps again.

This process of course is made a lot easier if you happen to have another machine with network connectivity, otherwise you're kind of SOL.

Just my bit of unfun for the afternoon.

It is of course working now and reasonably well. Kind of sucks that the install isn't a lot easier.