Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Identity Theft Protection the Next Racket?

I saw a post by someone in security the other day asking whether anything could trump NAC as the big thing in security literature, conferences, etc. The only thing these days that is coming close is data disclosure protection tools. Things like Tablus, Vontu, etc.

In the consumer space things are a little different as to how vendors want to get a slice of the consumer's wallet. It used to be Anti-virus, then it was personal firewalls, and finally it was spyware detection and prevention. Based on recent trends I think there is an up-and-comer in the area of identity protection.

I previously blogged about Lifelock and just yeterday about Guardid. Seems like everywhere I look there is someone pitching a new product to protect the average consumer against identity theft. Even the banks and credit card companies are in the picture.

So, as a new thread on the blog I'm going to try and write about any of these I come across, good or bad, to see what we can find as this topic starts exploding.

If you know of any solutions in this area being marketed to the individual consumer as a protection device or service, let me know.

Follow-up: I started doing a little more research after I wrote the above and came across this article from Money Magazine back in August 2005 - The ID theft protection racket. I'm obviously not the frst person to notice this trend. The article makes for an interesting read actually, though it only reviews a few products. I think I will still do product reviews on things that look especially interesting from either a positive or negative perspective.

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