Saturday, March 17, 2007

Camino strangeness?

I switch between browsers relatively frequently. I use Opera, Firefox-2, IE7, Safari, and Camino with some regularity. Why not... maybe some day I'll like one of them enough to ditch my usual habit of usually using Firefox.

Had an interesting experience just now interacting with Google and Blogger.

Ordinarily in Firefox when I'm logged into a Google site and I hit my blogger site, I get auto logged in when I click the "sign-in" link in the upper right corner. I end up going through the google token generator site but get single-signed-in to blogger.

Not so with Camino. In fact, even after logging in to edit a blog entry my blog site itself doesn't change the title bar to indicate I am logged in. Clicking the "sign in" link takes me to the blogger dashboard, but I don't get the ordinary stuff on the top-nav with Camino that I'd get in Firefox.


Works like you'd expect


Works like you'd expect


Open gmail. Works fine. Go to my blog, Opera crashes


Works like you'd expect. No more crashing when opening and redirects through the token generator to get SSO to blogger.

Time to pull out the WebScarab and see what's going on.....

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